The list below gives some idea of the capabilities and experience of P.R.E. When the company was formed, P.R.E. centered solely on relay settings work, but currently P.R.E. had expanded to perform full substation design services, and in conjunction with its partnership with Salient Engineering, P.R.E. provides complete civil and physical design services.

Cooper Compliance PRC-01-19-24-25

NERC analysis for generation entities requiring comliance to standards on relay settings amd relay training.

Greeley Substation Rebuild

Control design related to expand 115kV sub to double its original size, install new control building to allow complete rebuild and replacement of the transmission portion of a substation, converting from single bus to breaker and a half with 8 new breakers. Substation has three 115kV transmission lines, two 115/44 kV banks, and two 115/13kV banks. All work done with only one line/transformer out at a time.

Jackson Fuller

Full physical, civil, and control design related to adding a bay to the substation to accept a new generation source. Work done in contract with Salient Power.

Ridge Substation

Control design for 115/230kV xfmr replacement and conversion of portion of the substation to 230kV.

Spruce Substation DFR

Add a digital fault recorder to an 8 line 115kV substation that had entirely modern microprocessor based relays.

Rosedale Substation Rebuild

Control design for expanding sub from 2 line, 2 distribution xfmr straight bus substation, to 4 line, 2 xfmr, breaker and a half substation, intertie of Xcel and WAPA. Design for future 230kV yard. Work complicated by replacement of every relay panel on existing control building, with barely sufficient spare space.

Denver Terminal DFR

Add a digital fault recorder to a 9 line 230/115kV substation that had extensive old drawings and electromechanical relays. Work done in contract with Salient power.

Missile-Pawnee-Smoky Hill Substations

Relay settings related to addition of 345kV system between the substations, including multiple 345/230kV transformers.

Boulder Term-Valmont Relay Replacement

Settings for relay replacement on two 115kV lines.

Niwot-Gunbarrel Upgrade

Relay settings for a project to add a new 230kV underground line, new 230/13.8kV transformer, new 13kV switchgear, and replace of relaying on adjacent 230kV lines.

San Luis Valley Relay Upgrade

Relay settings related to a new 115kV substation with 2 lines, 1 generator interconnect), replacement of relaying at remote ends of each line, and a second generation interconnect at another location. Relay settings for 9 relay panels.

Potter-Channing Dallam Rebuild Relay Settings

Relay settings for a relay replacement of transmission lines between the substations, and a new 230/115kV auto xfmr.

Cunningham Substation Rebuild Relay Settings

Relay settings for rebuild of substation, involving 6 115kV lines, and resetting relays at the remote ends.

Keenesburg Sub Rebuild

Control design for major sub expansion, converting from a 3 breaker, 3 line, ring bus, to an 8 breaker, 5 line, breaker and a half system, involving both fiber based power line carrier protection schemes.

Missile 230/345kV Substation

Relay settings for new 230/345kV substation and connection to new NUG.

Spindle Substation

Relay settings for new 230kV sub feeding 2 new generators to two transmission lines.

Plains End Substation

Relay settings for addition of 3 new T-lines, and generator step up xfmr.

Comanche-Daniels Park 345kV

Relay settings for two new 345kV lines, two ties to a new 750MW generating plant, and two 345/230kV auto xfmrs, as well as breaker fail and bus protection relays.

Hobbs/Higgs Rebuild

Relay settings for new substation with 3 generator interconnects, three 230kV lines, seven 115kV lines, and one 230/115kV auto transformer.

Cox Substation

Relay settings for sub rebuild, involving 4 transmission lines, 1 auto xfmr, 2 cap banks.

Valmont 230/115kV Auto #2

Control design and relay settings for new auto xfmr, 3 new breakers, redraft of many non-standard drawings, and replacement of substation DC equipment.

Contra Costa Sanitary System Studies

Short circuit analysis, medium voltage relay settings, and low voltage breaker settings for entire facility. Plant includes five 12kV substations, 12kV cogen plant, and 12kV standby power plant (3 generators), and many hundreds of 480V breakers (1200 buses in SKM model). Arc flash analysis of the facility included in work. Extensive modeling of system in SKM PowerTools. The 400 page report, with 100+ TCCs issued 4 times over a 6 year period as new generation added, breaker trip units replaced, and system expanded.

WestPower Energy Ongoing Support Tasks

Long term technical advise and commenting on various power plant projects under development by WestPower. Work involved fault analysis, relaying comments, and technical feasibility assessment, and in some cases relay settings. Project list included Plains End generation (Relay settings, comments on design), Temple Inland (comments on design), San Francisco Airport Generation (comments on design), Tri-Hydro (relay settings) project, Wellhead-Mirimar (relay settings, comments on design), Wellhead-Margarita (relay settings, comments on design), Moreno Valley (relay settings, comments on design), Wawona foods (relay settings, comments on design), Yale University (relay settings), Emery Station, CA (building coordination, equipment sizing, arc flash analysis). Many others.

Solar Gen II

Control design for new 115kV substations, 50 MVA GSU, used for feeding solar power to the Imperial Irrigation District 161 and 230kV lines.

Amazon A100 Substation

Relay settings and Control design for a new distribution sub with two 15/13.8kV distribution xfmrs.

Pepco Generation Interconnection

Relay settings and control design assistance for the interconnection of a standby/Cogen generation plant to the utility grid.

University of New Mexico

Relay settings for relay replacement project.

Voltage Supervised Reclosing Projects

Control and physical design to add voltage supervision to reclosing on multiple existing feeders in support of larger new generation being installed on distribution lines. Work done in contract with Salient Power Engineering.

Poncha Junction 230kV Expansion

Control and physical design to add a 230kV side to an existing 115kV yard. Install 230/115kV transformer, Add line interconnecting WAPA and Xcel. Install new control building, making allowances for moving all 115kV lines to new building. Install new relaying for first 115kV conversion to new building.